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Search results: 67468 found.
El Rio restaurant

Restaurant icon El Rio

Address: 3158 Mission St (btwn Valencia & Cesar Chavez) San Francisco, CA 94110 US
Dive bar
Phone: +14152823325
Dutch Goose restaurant

Restaurant icon Dutch Goose

Address: 3567 Alameda de Las Pulgas (at Avy Ave) Menlo Park, CA 94025 US
Fast food
Phone: +16508543245
The Village Pub restaurant

Restaurant icon The Village Pub

Address: 2967 Woodside Rd (at Whiskey Hill Rd) Woodside, CA 94062 US
Phone: +16508519888

Though it has the feel of a chichi private club, this attractive New American restaurant is open to all—provided they can live up to the style standards set by its fan base of tech tycoons and ladies-who-lunch. Draw your eyes away from those Teslas in the lot, and head inside for fine dining that exceeds this sophisticated restaurant's humble name. Despite the glitz, the cuisine here is surprisingly approachable, from platters of house charcuterie served with fire-warmed artisan bread to the superb Pub burger, available in both the cozy front lounge and more formal main dining area. It’s there that the kitchen shines its brightest, with more elaborate entrées like the almond wood-grilled pork loin, adorned with crispy shrimp-pork croquettes, pungent black garlic, and caramelized Brussels sprouts. The signature chocolate soufflé is an equally impressive display; its intense, not-too-sweet flavor cut by drizzles of crème anglaise infused with Earl Grey tea. Given the clientele, the wine list is designed to court the deepest of pockets, with an outstanding selection of French vintages, particularly Bordeaux. On a budget? Aim for lunch, which is lighter not only in approach, but on the wallet. READ MORE ->

Philz Coffee restaurant

Restaurant icon Philz Coffee

Address: 3101 24th St (at Folsom St) San Francisco, CA 94110 US
Coffee and Tea
Phone: +14158759370
Mission Pie restaurant

Restaurant icon Mission Pie

Address: 2901 Mission St (at 25th St) San Francisco, CA 94110 US
Phone: +14152821500