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The peninsula and rock got their name from the distorted Arabic name Jebel al-Tariq (which means "Mount Tariq"), which was given to this place in the VI century AD, when the Moors led by Tariq ibn Seyid (Tariq ibn Ziyyad ) and Musa ibn Nasayr captured the peninsula and named it in honor of its leader. The inhabitants themselves simply call it - Rock. The city of Gibraltar itself is located on the western slope of the cliff facing the Algeciras Bay, where a first-class artificial harbor with an area of ​​180 hectares, capable of receiving large ocean vessels, is equipped. Tourists are attracted here by the picturesque view of the Rock of Gibraltar itself - a real ancient fortress that changed hands many times during numerous wars, and the atmosphere of history (do not forget about the famous Hercules pillars of antiquity, one of which is this prominent promontory at sea , guarding the passage from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic), and good shopping conditions.
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United Kingdom
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