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About Enguide

When you set Enguide iPhone app to record a trip, the app automatically records the route placing photos, audio or text notes that you took along that route, generating a beautiful multimedia travel blog with an interactive map of your entire trip. On you can edit your travel blog, and add photos from any camera after your trip is completed.


You can then share your travel blogs with friends of family, or with the entire world, contributing to the global travel library. Enguide’s complete set of social network features will allow you to easily interact with fellow travelers anywhere they go.


You can also pick any openly-shared trip from the travel library and follow its route using our GPS-based trip navigator. The web interface lets you easily create your travel plan, which the Enguide iPhone app will use to navigate for you in your travels.

Enguide image

Your Virtual Travel Assistant and Travelogue platform developed by travelers

The Enguide iPhone app is available for download from the App Store with an Android app coming soon.