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About Enguide

We are a team of travelers developing a dedicated travel blogging platform and travel assistant in one powerful app. We welcome travel bloggers and writers, travel photographers, and tour guides to participate in an emerging travel community. Using the mobile app, you can automatically record your trips and see what nearby places are the best to visit while you travel. You can see trips taken by other travelers, ask for suggestions, and discuss or like them. Of course, you have a full set of privacy settings allowing you to make a trip visible only to you, to your friends, or completely public. At you will be able to participate in the life of our diverse, vibrant travel community by discussing the various travel stories, trips, and posts. It’s the traveler’s win-win cooperative experience.


What we value:

  • — Sharing high-quality travel experiences in the form of stories, trips, tips;
  • — Networking among a community of local experts, travel bloggers, and travel photographers;
  • — Helping travel peers in their quest for interesting places to visit;
  • — Contributing to creating the most comprehensive database of travel destinations ever.


We are against:

  • — Hucksters that con us out of a big chunk of our travel budget and lure us to places that are far below our expectations, are depicted as “recommended”, but in reality are simply deceptive paid search results;
  • — Paid and fake reviews that have become ubiquitous on major travel platforms, making the whole search an exercise in frustration and disappointment.

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Enguide: Travel discovery, blogging, and discussion platform.