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Hesse (, US also , Hessian dialect: [ˈhɛzə]) or Hessia (UK: , US: ; German: Hessen [ˈhɛsn̩] ()), officially the State of Hessen (German: Land Hessen), is a state of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its capital city is Wiesbaden, and the largest urban area is Frankfurt. With an area of 21,000 square kilometers and a population of just over six million it ranks seventh and fifth respectively among the sixteen German states. Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Germany's second-largest metropolitan area (after Rhine-Ruhr), is mainly located in Hesse. As a cultural region, Hessen also includes the area known as Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen) in the neighbouring state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Wikipedia ->
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