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The Community of Madrid (English: ; Spanish: Comunidad de Madrid Spanish pronunciation: [komuniˈðað ðe maˈðɾið] ()) is one of the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain. It is located in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, and of the Central Plateau (Meseta Central). Its capital is the city of Madrid, which is also the capital of the country. The Community of Madrid is bounded to the south and east by Castilla–La Mancha and to the north and west by Castile and León. It was formally created in 1983, based on the limits of the province of Madrid, which was until then conventionally included in the historical region of New Castile. The Community of Madrid is the third most populous in Spain with 6,661,949 (2019) inhabitants mostly concentrated in the metropolitan area of Madrid. It is also the most densely populated autonomous community. In absolute terms, Madrid's economy is, since 2018, slightly bigger in size to that of Catalonia. Madrid has the highest GDP per capita in the country.The region contains three World Heritage Sites: the Monastery and Royal Site of El Escorial, the University and historic centre of Alcalá de Henares, and the cultural landscape of Aranjuez. In addition, the Montejo Beech Forest is part of the transnational Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe world heritage site. Wikipedia ->
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