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A medieval Basque kingdom annexed by Castile in the 16th century. A mixture of the history of the ancient medieval kingdom, beautiful landscapes, peaks and valleys of the Pyrenees, wonderful climate and cultural traditions. The climate here is influenced by the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, due to that region is characterized by heavy rains in the winter and dry and hot weather in the summer. The history of the ancient kingdom has always been tightly linked to neighbors: France, Castile, Aragon and the Basque Country. In addition, an important factor in the development of the region is the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago), which passes through the territory of the region. As in the Basque Country, the people of the mountainous regions preserved their language and traditions, while the languages ​​and customs of those peoples who took turns conquering this territory spread in the valleys. Navarra has a rich historical heritage. For history buffs, this region will be a great find. Castle-palace in the town of Olite or the ancient ramparts of Artahon, for sure, will appeal to any tourist. The region will be interesting both for lovers of hunting, fishing and for golfers, hiking and mountain climbing.
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