Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo
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Viana do Castelo (Portuguese pronunciation: [viˈɐnɐ ðu kɐʃˈtɛlu] ()) is a municipality and seat of the district of Viana do Castelo in the Norte Region of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 88,725, in an area of 319.02 km². The urbanized area of the municipality, comprising the city, has a population of approximately 36,148 inhabitants, although the extended densely populated region reaches surrounding municipalities like Caminha and Ponte de Lima with a population above 150,000 inhabitants. It is located on the Portuguese Way path, an alternative path of the Camino de Santiago, and at the mouth of the Lima river. Wikipedia ->
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Clear Sky, 66°F (19°C) Wind N at 4.16 mph (6.70 kmh), 67.0% Humidity