The majestic Pyrenees, where the allure of France, the spirit of Spain, and the charm of Andorra converge.

Spain, France and Andorra
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Mountain system located in the territory of three countries: Spain, France, Andorra. The Pyrenees is a large mountain system that runs along the south-western border of France, north part of Spain and includes all of Andorra and every year attracts many tourists with its beautiful ski resorts and historical sights. The Pyrenees are considered the most contrasting region - mountains covered with dense forests give way to snow-capped peaks and dry slopes. Unlike the Alps, the nature here is cleaner and pristine, there are many nature conservation zones, alternating with small and cozy resort villages. If you are in Frnace - start your Pyrenean adventure from Toulouse. At every step of this old town, you will meet various architectural monuments, among which do not miss the ancient Benedictine Abbey , founded in the XI century, as well as the stunning Dominican Cathedral. You should definitely visit the old town of Albi, where the Gayak wine road leads. Absolutely all the buildings in the city are built of red brick, which gives it particular beauty, especially at sunset. The main attraction of Albi is the Cathedral of Saint Sicily, dating from the XIII century. In those days, the building of the cathedral was considered the best in France, in terms of architecture. Another remarkable place in the Pyrenees is the town of Cahors - the country-famous center of wine making. Anyone can try here the real red dry wine 'Cahors', which is often called the 'elixir of the elect.' Nearby is the ancient Abbey of Saint-Foy, where pilgrimages are made annually. Andorra is located in the southwestern part of Europe, in the eastern Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Practically all its territory is occupied by rocky mountains, there are quite a lot of lakes, and extensive Alpine meadows delight the eye. Interestingly, the name of the country in the translation from the Basque language means 'empty' - before that, these lands were really empty and non-receptive! Naturally generously these places are curative thermal and mineral springs, which, of course, equipped with the most modern facilities. The most popular among them is the thermal health complex Caldea, located in the eastern suburb of the capital of the state. In winter, these places turn into one big ski resort: the snow here lies from mid-November to the end of April, and often in the mountains it’s still snowy and cold, and in the valleys, it’s full-bloomed and dark-eyed. Unusually there are many monuments and monuments of the history and architecture: the ancient Arabian fortresses, and the Roman bridges, and medieval castles and cathedrals, and luxurious palaces. Also deserve attention and numerous museums, among which the world famous National Museum of Cars stands out. In the central part of the French Pyrenees is the eponymous national park, created in 1961. The purpose of its creation was to protect the mountain ecosystem from the effects of the actively developing tourism industry. On the territory of the national park, stretching along the border with Spain for 100 km, there are more than 200 mountain lakes, 14 mountain peaks, more than 2,000 m high, and several picturesque valleys. The park has about 350 km of walking routes, so that tourists can get closer to the pristine nature and see wild animals in their natural habitat. One of the main attractions of the Spanish Pyrenees - the Spanish National Park Ordesa and Monte Perdido. This place is famous for its extraordinary landscapes: waterfalls, canyons, rocks and gorges, and, of course, like all national parks, for its flora and fauna. Once this place was covered by a glacier that still exists in the north of the “Lost Mountain” (Monte Perdido), although it continues to retreat slowly. Ordesa is the name of the most beautiful valley of this place. Local landscapes are amazing: huge canyons, gorges, caves. Limestone cliffs covered with dense vegetation give a fabulous view to the canyon, and on the tops grow rare flowers - edelweiss. This place is a temple of untouched nature, a place of solitude. The Pyrenees mountain goat dwells in these places, it is Burkado, preserved only in these places. Skiing: The most well-known and popular local resorts are Andorra La Vella, Canillo, Pal-Arinsal, Soldeu. Of course, the infrastructure in the resorts is excellently developed, all the equipment is the most modern and quality, and the accommodation conditions will arrange even the most demanding and executing tourists!
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Mostly humid, temperate, and the southeast is Mediterranean, subtropical. In January, at an altitude of up to 600 m, the average temperature is 4-80C, in the highlands - from -8 to -100C, in July - 18-240C, and near the snow line - about 50C.
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