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The Ağrı Province (Turkish: Ağrı ili, Armenian: Աղրըի մարզ, Kurdish: Parêzgeha Agiriyê‎) is a province in eastern Turkey, bordering Iran to the east, Kars to the north, Erzurum to the northwest, Muş and Bitlis to the southwest, Van to the south, and Iğdır to the northeast. It has an area of 11,376 km² and a population of 542,022 (2010 est). The province is considered part of Western Armenia by Armenians and mostly was part of the ancient province of Ayrarat of the Kingdom of Armenia. Before the Armenian genocide, modern Ağri Province was part of the six Armenian vilayets. The province is considered part of Turkish Kurdistan and has a Kurdish majority. The provincial capital is Ağrı, situated on a 1,650 meters (5,410 ft) high plateau. Doğubayazıt was the capital of the province until 1946.[9] The current governor is Süleyman Elban. Wikipedia ->
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