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Hatay Province (Turkish: Hatay ili, pronounced [ˈhataj], Arabic: لواء إسكندرون‎, romanized: Liwa Iskenderun) is Turkey's southernmost province. Almost all of it is located outside Anatolia, on the eastern coast of the Levantine Sea. The administrative capital is Antakya (Antioch), and the port city of İskenderun (Alexandretta). It is bordered by Syria to the south and east and the Turkish provinces of Adana and Osmaniye to the north. The province is part of Çukurova (Cilicia), a geographical, economical and cultural region that covers the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, and Hatay. There are border crossing points with Syria in the district of Yayladağı and at Cilvegözü in the district of Reyhanlı. Sovereignty over the province remains disputed with neighbouring Syria, which claims that the province that had an Arab majority was separated from itself against the stipulations of the French Mandate of Syria in the years following Syria's occupation by France after World War I. Although the two countries have remained generally peaceful in their dispute over the territory, Syria has never formally renounced its claims to it and still shows it within its border in official maps. Wikipedia ->
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