Basilicata (Lucania)

A favorite land for those who prefer to travel to places far from the noise and stress of modern life.

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The forests that cover the mountainous landscape are dotted with many charming villages. Clean air, beauty, and historical monuments add a special charm to recreation in this region, making it interesting and varied. The Big and Small Lakes (Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo), located in the craters of the extinct volcano Vulture and surrounded by forests, amaze with their beauty. Despite the fact that most of Basilicata's territory is located inside the mainland, its coast is washed by two seas at once: the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. The Ionian coast, with the popular resorts of Metaponto and Policoro located on it, is characterized by wide sandy or pebble beaches, in some places surrounded by pine groves and rows of eucalyptus trees, spreading their pleasant aroma in the air.
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