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Following the prevailing stereotypes, most of which, in truth, “have a place to be,” the Netherlands is a country of cheese and tulips, canals, windmills and bicycles, skaters and fearless sailors, “historical hippies” and the rule of “Forbidden To Forbid” in many areas of life. But the country is surprisingly friendly and no less surprisingly safe for her guests and tourists from all over the world. This state on the shores of the North Sea has a rich European culture, interesting architecture and wonderful nature. At different times, the Netherlands lived and created many talented artists, among whom the world famous Rembrandt van Rey, Vincent van Gogh; famous philosophers Spinoza and Erasmus of Rotterdam. Channels are the main attraction of Amsterdam, and four "nested" rings encircle the whole city. There are more than a hundred and a half canals in the Amstel riverbed, and more than a thousand and a half bridges and picturesque bridges crossing them. Among the many wonderful museums of the traditional direction - art, historical, local history in the Netherlands there are many special and original museum institutions. This is the Amsterdam branch of the wax museum of Tussauds mothers, and sex museums with frank exhibits, beer, cheese, tulips, windmills. There are museums here that you will definitely find only in the Netherlands. For example, Micropia is the only microbial museum in the world. Or the Museum of hash, marijuana and hemp - there is in Amsterdam and such.
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