Country of four religions and four seas.

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Israel is not just an ancient state and the legendary birthplace of Christ and a must visit for every Christian. Holidays in Israel is a beautiful country with a unique history, amazing landscapes, museums, colorful people, where every city leaves in the soul unforgettable impressions and desire to return again and again. Israel harmoniously combines the power of the history of ancient civilizations with the highest standard of living, high-tech buildings and ultra-modern infrastructure. If you have not been to Israel yet, you should definitely visit this magnificent country and plunge into its spell, taste its secrets. Walk through the streets of Jerusalem, make a wish at the Wailing Wall, read a newspaper while sitting in the Dead Sea, taste exotic Oriental cuisine and feel the lazy languor of Shabbat. Israel offers something for every taste. Beach lovers, fidget intellectuals who prefer traveling around cities and active knowledge of cultural values, and pilgrims who want to partake of holy places will find something to do here.
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Israeli new shekel
Hebrew. (modern). Arabic
8.6 million
8.02 thousand sq mi(20.77 thousand sq km)
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