Nuevo Leon

Nuevo León (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈnweβo leˈon] (listen)) is a state in the Northeast region of Mexico. The state was named after the New Kingdom of León, an administrative territory from the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Which was named itself after the historic Spanish Kingdom of Leon. With a total land area of 64,555 square kilometers (40,112 square miles). Nuevo León is the 13th largest Federal Entity in the United Mexican States. The state is bordered by Tamaulipas to the east, Coahuila to the west, also by Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi to the south. As well, as an international border with the United States, sharing the border with the state of Texas to the North. The Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge, is the only vehicular bridge that connects the United States with the state of Nuevo León. Connecting both, the city of Colombia, Nuevo León and Laredo, Texas, crossing over the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) river.The state of Nuevo Léon is the seventh largest in terms of population with an estimated population of 5.78 million people in 2020. The state is home to the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, which is the second largest metropolitan area in Mexico with an estimated population of 5.3 million people in 2020. The most populous city is Monterrey with 1.42 million people. The next two most populous cities in the state are Apodaca and Guadalupe, both being part of the Monterrey Metropolitan Area. The metropolitan area is known for being an important industrial, intellectual and financial city in Mexico.Nuevo León's geography is known for englobing three of the most important physiographic provinces of the region (north-east). The south of the Great Plains is considered to start in the northern most regions of Nuevo León. The region is characterized by the soft hills that dominates the lands neighboring the banks of the Rio Grande River. The south and west of the state consists of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain range. The Sierra Madre mountains dominates most of the western scenery. Due to the abrupt shape of the mountains, there are vast valleys in between the mountains. Within these valleys is where the city of Monterrey and its Metropolitan area is situated. To the east, there are the Northern Gulf Coastal Plains. The lowest altitude lands are located in these plains. Due to the alluvial land of these plains it is better known as "inclined plain". Wikipedia ->