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The Republic of Bashkortostan, also called Bashkiria, is a republic of Russia located between the Volga and the Ural Mountains in Eastern Europe. It covers 143,600 square kilometres (55,400 square miles) and has a population of 4 million. It is Russia's most populous republic. Its capital and largest city is Ufa. Bashkortostan was established on 28 November [O.S. 15 November] 1917. On 20 March 1919 it was transformed into the Bashkir ASSR, the first Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in RSFSR.In accordance with the Constitution of Bashkortostan and Russian Federation Constitution, Bashkortostan is a state but has no sovereignty. On 11 October 1990 it adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty. The state celebrates 11 October as its Republic Day. Wikipedia ->
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