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Kyiv Oblast or Kiev Oblast (Ukrainian: Київська область, translit. Kyivs’ka oblast’; also referred to as Kyivshchyna – Ukrainian: Київщина) is an oblast (province) in central Ukraine. The administrative center of the oblast is the city of Kyiv (Kiev, Ukrainian: Київ, Kyiv), which is also the capital of Ukraine. Despite being in the center of the Kyiv Oblast, and hosting the governing bodies of the oblast, Kyiv is a self-governing city with special status and not under oblast jurisdiction. Kyiv Oblast does not correspond to the unofficially designated Kyiv metropolitan area, although it is significantly dependent on the urban economy and transportation of Kyiv. The population of Kyiv Oblast is 1,781,044 (2020 est.) The largest city in the oblast is Bila Tserkva.The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is within the northern part of the Kyiv Oblast, but access to the Zone is prohibited to the public and it is administered separately from the oblast. Wikipedia ->
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