Magallanes and Antartica Chilena

People come here to see mountains of incredible beauty, glaciers and lakes with blue water.

The history of these lands is very interesting and instructive. Magellan discovered these places in 1520, when his expedition was trying to find an outlet to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic. Initially, he christened it the Strait of All Saints, and the lands around the strait called the Patagonian land in honor of the local peoples who, in their size, reminded him of the mythical giant Patagon. Hence the common name of these places - Patagonia. The Strait of Magellan separates the Brunswick Peninsula, where the capital of the Punta Arenas region is located, from the island of Tierra del Fuego, which is so close to the mainland that its outline can be seen from the waterfront of Punta Arenas. The memory of Magellan in the history of this region is so great that it is not at all surprising that the locals immensely respect the great navigator. They even call themselves not Chileans, but Magellans, in honor of Magellan.
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