This province uses its own unique culture and language, both called Sundanese that is also used to call its people.

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Banten is the westernmost province on the island of Java, in Indonesia. Its provincial capital city is Serang. The province borders West Java and the Special Capital Region of Jakarta to the east, the Java Sea to the north, the Indian Ocean to the south, and the Sunda Strait to the west, which separates Java from the neighboring island of Sumatra. The area of the province is 9,662.82 km2, and it had a population of over 11.9 million at the 2020 Census, up from over 10.6 million during the 2010 census.[5] Formerly part of the province of West Java, Banten became a separate province in 2000. The province is a transit corridor to the neighboring Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Banten region is the homeland of the Sundanese Banten people (a subgroup of the Sundanese people) and has historically had a slightly different culture from the Sundanese people in the West Java region. In recent years, the northern half, particularly those areas near Jakarta and the Java Sea coast, have experienced rapid rises in population and urbanization, while the southern half, particularly that facing the Indian Ocean, maintains a more traditional character. Wikipedia ->
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