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Gorontalo (Gorontaloan: Hulontalo) is a province of Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi. Located on the Minahasa Peninsula, Gorontalo was formerly part of the province of North Sulawesi until its inauguration as a separate province on 5 December 2000. In Indonesian history, the only Indonesian President from the Gorontaloan people is the third President of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. DR. Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie. His father, Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie, comes from the "Habibie" clan.The provincial capital, as well as the main gateway and the most populated city, is Gorontalo City (often called Hulontalo City) which is also famous for the nickname "Porch of Medina" (Indonesian: Serambi Madina). This is because the kingdoms of Gorontalo have applied Islamic law as a basis for implementing the law, both in the fields of government, society, and the courts.The province covers a total land area of 11,257.07 square kilometres (4,346.38 sq mi) and had a population of 1,040,164 at the 2010 Census, and 1,171,681 at the 2020 Census, with a population density in 2020 of 104.08 inhabitants per km2. Wikipedia ->
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