East Java

East Java offers its guests a lot of interesting things: impressive temples, frozen volcanoes, mountain lakes of unique beauty, underwater parks and fantastic nature reserves.

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East Java (Indonesian: Jawa Timur) is a province of Indonesia. It has a land border only with the province of Central Java to the west; the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean border its northern and southern coasts, respectively, while the narrow Bali Strait to the east separates Java from Bali. Located in eastern Java, it also includes the island of Madura (which is connected to Java by the longest bridge in Indonesia, the Suramadu Bridge), as well as the Kangean islands and other smaller island groups located further east (in the northern Bali Sea) and Masalembu archipelagos in the north. Its capital is Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia, a major industrial center and also a major business center. Banyuwangi is the largest regency in East Java and the largest on the island of Java.The province covers an area of 47,800 km2, According to the 2010 Census, there were 37,476,757 people residing in the East Java, making it Indonesia's second-most-populous province; the 2020 Census showed an increase to 40,665,696 people. East Java is inhabited by many different ethnic groups, such as the Javanese, Madurese and Chinese. Most of the people in East Java adheres to Islam, forming around 94% of the total population. Other religions are also exist, such as Christianity, Buddhism and Confusianism which are mostly practised by Tionghua people and immigrants from Eastern Indonesia and North Sumatra, and also Hinduism which are practised by the Tenggerese people in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and the Balinese people inhabiting the easternmost part of the province bordering Bali. The Indonesian language is the official language of the province as well as the whole nation, but Javanese and Madurese are the most frequently used language, especially the Surabaya dialect (Javanese: Suroboyoan or Surabayaan — the Javanese dialect of Surabaya) used mainly in the capital Surabaya. Indonesian is only used for inter-ethnic communication and official purposes. East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that offers different types of tourist attractions. This area offers a variety of natural attractions ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. In general, almost every regencies or city in East Java has its own unique tourist destinations, such as the Ijen volcano in Banyuwangi, Baluran National Park in Situbondo, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, etc. Wikipedia ->
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