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East Kalimantan (Indonesian: About this soundKalimantan Timur) is a province of Indonesia. Its territory comprises the eastern portion of Borneo. It had a population of about 3.03 million at the 2010 Census (within the current boundary), 3.42 million at the 2015 Census, and 3.766 million at the 2020 census.[3] Its capital is the city of Samarinda. East Kalimantan has a total area of 127,346.92 square kilometers (49,168.92 sq mi)[4] and is the second least densely populated province in Kalimantan.[5] The majority of the region shares a maritime border to the east with West Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi; its Cape Mangkalihat separates the Makassar Strait from the Celebes Sea. Its former northernmost region was split off in October 2012 and is now North Kalimantan; meanwhile, it still shares a land border to the west with West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan; to its south, East Kalimantan borders South Kalimantan. The province bordered Sabah before the split, but still borders Sarawak. Wikipedia ->
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