The idyllic Moluccas or the Spice Islands

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Maluku is a province of Indonesia. It comprises the central and southern regions of the Maluku Islands. The main city and capital of Maluku province is Ambon on the small Ambon Island. The land area is 62,946 km2, and the total population of this province at the 2010 census was 1,533,506 people, rising to 1,848,923 at the 2020 Census.[2] Maluku is located in Eastern Indonesia. It is directly adjacent to North Maluku and West Papua in the north, Central Sulawesi, and Southeast Sulawesi in the west, Banda Sea, East Timor, and East Nusa Tenggara in the south and Arafura Sea and Papua in the east. Maluku has two main religions, namely Islam which at the 2020 Census was adhered to by 53.5% of the population of the province and Christianity which is embraced by 46.8% (39.8% Protestantism and 7.0% Catholicism).[4] Maluku is recorded in the history of the world due to conflict or tragedy of humanitarian crisis and sectarian conflict between Islam and Christianity, which is better known as the Ambon Tragedy. After 2002, Maluku changed its face to become a friendly and peaceful province in Indonesia, for which the world gave a sign of appreciation in the form of World Peace Gong placed at Ambon City Center. Wikipedia ->
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