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The Alentejo (UK: AL-ən-TAY-zhoo, Portuguese: [ɐlẽˈtɛʒu] ()) is a geographical, historical and cultural region of south central and southern Portugal. In Portuguese, its name means "beyond (além) the Tagus river" (Tejo). The Alentejo includes the regions of Alto Alentejo and Baixo Alentejo. It corresponds to the districts of Beja, Évora, Portalegre and the Alentejo Litoral. The main cities are: Évora, Beja, Sines, Serpa, Estremoz, Elvas and Portalegre. It has borders with Beira Baixa in the North, with Spain (Andalucia and Extremadura) in the east, with the Algarve in the South and with the Atlantic Ocean, Ribatejo and Estremadura in the West. The Alentejo is a region known for its traditional polyphonic singing groups, similar to those found in Tuscany, Corsica, and elsewhere. Wikipedia ->
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