A country with the oldest borders in Europe, which, despite everything, has survived nine centuries of battles, wars, earthquakes, revolutions, the creation and loss of the richest colonial empire. Portuguese art, like the country itself, has absorbed its entire rich history. The special architectural style of Portuguese Manuelino (particularly rich and lavish style of architectural ornamentation) is a mixture of Gothic and oriental luxury. Beautiful Azulejo tiles - used everywhere as an adornment of not only the facades of houses, but also churches, public houses, palaces. Cobbled streets, white houses - here everyone, even the most finicky art connoisseur, will find something pleasant for his eyes and inspiration.
Key info
10.4 million
35.55 thousand sq mi(92.09 thousand sq km)
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Clear Sky, 63°F (17°C) Wind N at 3.15 mph (5.08 kmh), 52.0% Humidity