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Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the former capital of the country and the current capital of the port wine. It is also a vibrant industrial center, the historical part of which has been continuously inhabited since at least the 4th century. The city is famous not only for its port wine, exported from here to all corners of the world, but also for its historical, architectural heritage, which combines the old outlines of churches and monuments, such as the Cathedral of Sé and the Church of St. Francis, with modern lines of famous buildings: the House of Music or the Museu Serralves. Unlike other major cities of the country, the historical center of Porto is not so much baroque as granite and monumental. The Douro River flows through the entire region. From Spain, it enters Portugal and carries its waters through the entire picturesque landscape - with vineyards, from which they produce port wine and the famous Douro wines.
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